Thursday, February 28, 2013

Halmahera Photoshot by Dian Arya Megantara

Let me introduce you to my college friend, and his name is Dian Arya Megantara. He's photographer. I witness all his efforts to reach his passion in photography. He's amazing and one of a great example of how you have to fight to reach what u want the most.

Here are some of his photographs when he traveled to Halmahera Island. All the photographs edited by me.. Hope you enjoy ..  : )

beautiful and peaceful view

children on some villager's ceremony are wearing their homemade mask

boats and the port

another child took a pose wearing his mask

one of the hooker @ Halmahera

beautiful point of view

How I ENVY HIIMM....!!! 
FYI : Now he owned his own pre-wed photography business. Here his website check that out!!

Green.. Fresh.. Homecoming!!

It's been a quite longtime, almost 4 months since my last post. What a PAUSE!!
Now I think it's a perfect time for blogging again..
But I've decided to post more photos than post a story.. :(
I still think that it's not easy for me to write. Because of my limitless time..
Here we go..
This is not my new post at all. I've submitted this post on my old blog..
The post is 'bout how to wear a green *cute dress..

I wish I have the same dress and outfits that I created above.. *crymeariver
FYI : all the mix and match  created at . Check that out!!