Thursday, February 28, 2013

Halmahera Photoshot by Dian Arya Megantara

Let me introduce you to my college friend, and his name is Dian Arya Megantara. He's photographer. I witness all his efforts to reach his passion in photography. He's amazing and one of a great example of how you have to fight to reach what u want the most.

Here are some of his photographs when he traveled to Halmahera Island. All the photographs edited by me.. Hope you enjoy ..  : )

beautiful and peaceful view

children on some villager's ceremony are wearing their homemade mask

boats and the port

another child took a pose wearing his mask

one of the hooker @ Halmahera

beautiful point of view

How I ENVY HIIMM....!!! 
FYI : Now he owned his own pre-wed photography business. Here his website check that out!!

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