Monday, November 25, 2013


Well hell(o) Monday!!
This Monday is I think the most hectic and crazzyyy day of my working day at Bank BNI Manado.
But just this one thing is very beautiful.. YUP! It is payday... Yippeeeee..!! : D
even though I received the pay know, like a usual, I must pay the credit card bills, the laptop credit (which is the last payment this month !) This Asus X301A is officially mine! ;p

All of these photographs was taken on my boyfriend's house in Manado (of course). And I thought, at that moment, I have to bring my perfect tools for photoshoot, that is my little dog..Mocu!!

Well, this time, because of the bad weather ( almost rainy) everyday, me and my boyfriend decided to take a simple photo shoot in his house (on the wood stairs, precisely).

I have to tell you something, I'm in love with the unbranded pink polkadot legging I bought in Department Store near my office it's just IDR 90.000, the dark blue blouse I bought in Multimart Department Store near my boyfriend's house for about IDR 100.000. My shoes was just IDR 100.000 from Yongki Komaladi, and my brown belt was just about IDR 70.000. So I think I spent not too much money for all of these look.

Check this out!!

See you soon on the next post...

Can't wait for taking another crazy photo shoot !!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

MOCU !! New family member..

Actually, this is not my dog.. ( I hope someday I have one, maybe two dogs..)
My boyfriend got this dog from his cousin about 1 month ago.
The first time, we are confused, what kind of breed is this 10 months old puppy.
It does not bark when she first saw me. he even ran directly towards me and  licked me..He is so warm and I feel comfortable with him.
As we find later, we know that this is the kind of dog shih tzu and after couple times of changes, we decided that his name is MOCU.
but..the funny and interesting fact is latter on.. we know exactly he is. He is lhsa apso.

first time we observe, this is his mocu's coat appearance ..

maybe he's looking cute and "too old" at the same time. 

then we cut the back (the black part) coat, but kept his white front coat. Here is his appearance..He looks so much cuter without looking too old for his age.

Three days ago, we decided to cut his coat again because we though that he'll be looking cuter than before..
and VOILAAA.. Here he is with his new, macho, sporty coat style. : D

So.. what do you think? which coat style that suits our mocu?? (I hope your answer is the short one) ; )


Hellow Thursday..

Well, It;s a great day because tomorrow is Friday!! WEEKEND...
It means that I can do a photo shoot on Saturday and being lazy all day on Monday..  Sounds delicious.. ; p
Today's posting is literally a bit late.. Because these photographs were taken on Mei 2013, 6 months ago on me and my boyfriend, also Sulawesi Utara backpacker community's vacation to Lihaga Island, Likupang.  
It is a beautiful island, white soft - fine sands, clear blue and tosca  colored water combine with a little wave. Lihaga Island is one tourist attraction that is quite popular in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. There is nothing here such as  resort, people's houses, car or motorcycle. It's just the island with a natural little forest and variation of big corals.
Shortly, when you arrive here, you just couldn't help yourself to jump out of the boat and get wet on the clear water.

WONDERFUL experience!

with the girls from Sulawesi Utara Backpaker Community

with my dear Ryan 

I was WEARING mooks (from planet surf) tank top, orange cardigan, DIY ripped jeans, unbranded glasses and alexandre christie watch.

Thank You God, for bless us with this beautiful awesome island..

See you on the next journey..!!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vacation in Linouw Lake - Tomohon!

Well hellooooww dear readers...( I believe I have some, right?) 
It's been a long sickness I've been through these days..... The typhoid fever is killing me.. I have been bed resting for almost 2 weeks...including 3 (THREE) days hospitalized.
And now..I think I'm in a pretty good condition.. but do u want to know the craziest truth? SOME (just some)times..I feel glad that I'm sick... so I don' t have to go to the office!!! (OOPPSS...Sorry bos!) : D this time..during my recovery, I'll post some of the best photographs from the last holiday in Linouw Lake, maybe about a month ago at Tomohon, a cold place you can find in Minahasa Utara, Sulawesi Utara. Linouw Lake is famous because of the beautiful shades of the lake water color.

Hope u enjoy dear readers..

I was WEARING an UNbranded flowery peach colored blouse, an owl vintage necklace and green-yellow bracelet I bought in Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta on my last vacation in September, a light blue denim I borrowed from my boyfriend's sister Angelina Mandey and a pair of brown cute shoes from fleuretto.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lose myself..

I have not been doing this blog post in like, FOREVER..
Since this life-rushing blocked my whole time, the office drama, the relationship drama and what ever life drama I've been trough, you can't imagine how I feel (or maybe you can).
It's like I have no time for myself, like I don't know myself again. Who I used to be.
I was a girl who never stopped watching live music and hanging out with her ​​best friend, drinking coffee latte while watching the live music and just sit. watching, laughing and then go home..
It was the happiest moment of my life.
Nowadays, with this crazy work and office things, I feel like I gave all my precious time for work. Do you feel the same? feels familiar?
Well, I hate to say this, but I hate my life now. I feel empty and boring. : (
I REALLY hope I'm not at this heartbreaking situation in a long term. Just a day. Promise me please.. I will be better and healed soon..

Somebody help me!! LIFE SOS!!!