Monday, November 25, 2013


Well hell(o) Monday!!
This Monday is I think the most hectic and crazzyyy day of my working day at Bank BNI Manado.
But just this one thing is very beautiful.. YUP! It is payday... Yippeeeee..!! : D
even though I received the pay know, like a usual, I must pay the credit card bills, the laptop credit (which is the last payment this month !) This Asus X301A is officially mine! ;p

All of these photographs was taken on my boyfriend's house in Manado (of course). And I thought, at that moment, I have to bring my perfect tools for photoshoot, that is my little dog..Mocu!!

Well, this time, because of the bad weather ( almost rainy) everyday, me and my boyfriend decided to take a simple photo shoot in his house (on the wood stairs, precisely).

I have to tell you something, I'm in love with the unbranded pink polkadot legging I bought in Department Store near my office it's just IDR 90.000, the dark blue blouse I bought in Multimart Department Store near my boyfriend's house for about IDR 100.000. My shoes was just IDR 100.000 from Yongki Komaladi, and my brown belt was just about IDR 70.000. So I think I spent not too much money for all of these look.

Check this out!!

See you soon on the next post...

Can't wait for taking another crazy photo shoot !!

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