Thursday, November 21, 2013

MOCU !! New family member..

Actually, this is not my dog.. ( I hope someday I have one, maybe two dogs..)
My boyfriend got this dog from his cousin about 1 month ago.
The first time, we are confused, what kind of breed is this 10 months old puppy.
It does not bark when she first saw me. he even ran directly towards me and  licked me..He is so warm and I feel comfortable with him.
As we find later, we know that this is the kind of dog shih tzu and after couple times of changes, we decided that his name is MOCU.
but..the funny and interesting fact is latter on.. we know exactly he is. He is lhsa apso.

first time we observe, this is his mocu's coat appearance ..

maybe he's looking cute and "too old" at the same time. 

then we cut the back (the black part) coat, but kept his white front coat. Here is his appearance..He looks so much cuter without looking too old for his age.

Three days ago, we decided to cut his coat again because we though that he'll be looking cuter than before..
and VOILAAA.. Here he is with his new, macho, sporty coat style. : D

So.. what do you think? which coat style that suits our mocu?? (I hope your answer is the short one) ; )


Putri Valentina said...

OMG! So cute! >.<


maria christy said...

thank you Put !

can we follow each other?

I have read ur blog and I like ur bold and "brave" style.. Hope I can blog and have some guts to post a fashion photographs.

greet from Manado!