Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hellow Thursday..

Well, It;s a great day because tomorrow is Friday!! WEEKEND...
It means that I can do a photo shoot on Saturday and being lazy all day on Monday..  Sounds delicious.. ; p
Today's posting is literally a bit late.. Because these photographs were taken on Mei 2013, 6 months ago on me and my boyfriend, also Sulawesi Utara backpacker community's vacation to Lihaga Island, Likupang.  
It is a beautiful island, white soft - fine sands, clear blue and tosca  colored water combine with a little wave. Lihaga Island is one tourist attraction that is quite popular in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. There is nothing here such as  resort, people's houses, car or motorcycle. It's just the island with a natural little forest and variation of big corals.
Shortly, when you arrive here, you just couldn't help yourself to jump out of the boat and get wet on the clear water.

WONDERFUL experience!

with the girls from Sulawesi Utara Backpaker Community

with my dear Ryan 

I was WEARING mooks (from planet surf) tank top, orange cardigan, DIY ripped jeans, unbranded glasses and alexandre christie watch.

Thank You God, for bless us with this beautiful awesome island..

See you on the next journey..!!


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