Saturday, December 28, 2013


This is the day before I leave my hometown, Mojokerto, East Java. I feel sad to leave my family here. But I can do anything to stay here for longer. I have job to do in Manado. 
We can't do anything to skip the time too, right?
Like this dress, I bought on "Istana Cabo" , a place where you will find many second clothes. This blue navy polka dot retro dress was a treasure I found there. It is old..but I think it has it own has its past. We have our own past too..and we can do anything to change our past. All we can do is make today to be better than the old in the end we can create a better story for our life. 
Let's create memory. AWESOME and MEMORABLE memories!!

I was wearing : Blue Navy Polka Dot SECOND DRESS | CHARLES & KEITH Black Pump Shoes | SOPHIE MARTIN Bag


The Christmas 2013 Family Photo-Shoot!!

Like all of you guys out there, moments that I liked and looked forward from Christmas is a time when I can gather with my brother and family. And of course, the family photo shoot is my favorite moment. Every year my family always have a dress code for the photo shoot. When the time is coming, we'll take pictures with the variety of styles, from formal style to the crazy freestyle : D

I hope you have a great Christmas day too..

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Happy Christmas Eve 2013, everyone!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your Loved one.. This year, I am having the best Christmas Eve with my awesome family..
No family is perfect, but I do love them PERFECTLY!
I hope you are too.. :)


Like I said before, I have this tribal pattern long skirt I bought 2 years ago!! Wow, what a year! 
These photographs took place in my home town, Mojokerto, East Java.

I Was Wearing ; SIMPLICITY tribal long skirt - UNBRANDED black blouse - UNBRANDED blue blazer - BELLAGIO bag - DEXTER black ankle boot - ETHNIC necklace .

Monday, December 23, 2013


Absolutely will wear them with my yellow-mustard dress tomorrow for the Christmas Night worship.. ; )

chocolate flat shoes from EVERBEST.

Monday, December 16, 2013


Welcoming 2013's CHRISTMAS!

For me, this is the best season of the year.
The time when I will meet my lovely family at home, arrange the Christmas tree, baking cakes with my mom and clean the house with the whole family's member.
My Christmas shopping this time it is practically fantastic-bombastic.
It could be said that I bought all the piercings that I think is cute, but still affordable. 
One time, when I walk in Ace Hardware, Manado Town Square, my choice falls to the shaped wooden horse toy Christmas tree ornament and also rudolph the red nose reindeer glasses. I think they looks so cute and unique. The other ornaments I bought is at a Christian bookstore Imannuel. Starting from red and white ribbons, socks and candy shaped- Christmas ornaments  up to two Christmas themed pillowcases. : D

After buying all this ornaments, I became increasingly impatient to come back home to Mojokerto, put a whole new Christmas tree ornaments on our new Christmas tree.. 

Lastly, the theme of family photos at Christmas 2013 is a red batik.
Okay. Red batik search has begun. One day, I was hanging around in the IT Center Manado, and suddenly seeing visions of a cute red mini dress this. The dress is actually not a pure-batik, but it has a motif that resembles batik.  Agree?

To complete the looks, I chose the golden flat shoes from The Little Thing She Needs. : )

I can't wait to wear them on the Christmas day on December 2013! I think it will be so cute..
(The Christmas tree also) ; )

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Hello Saturday! My favorite day of the week.. 

My obsession with tribal patterns started since 2 years ago. Starting from seeing this unique patterned long skirts on the boutique display ( I will post my look with the skirt SOON! ). At that moment, I fell in love and without thinking twice I bought the skirt ( feel familiar with this feeling ? fall in love at first sight ) - falling in love with the fashion stuff, of course. hahaha!
Okay, since then it seems like I always melt seeing the "visions" of one of the most unique patterns . : ) 
Do you think so ?

This time, my next discovery was this tribal mini dress. Last week, when I hung up in the Manado Town Square (Mantos) into a boutique called "Missisippi", my eyes immediately glued on this dress figures . Without hesitation, I approached it, try and buy it immediately. hahaha ! :D

After legally mine, I was immediately thinking about how to style this dress and what will be popped up the dress. 
Voila ! I thought my favorite faded-denim jacket and of course, my only one black wedges! Because this is a mini dress, I decided to wear black stocking. : )

Hope you like it !

This is the BONUS photos .. I took these photographs in front of my boyfriend's office. See the differences?

Converse and jeans are my BEST FRIEND! Outside the photo session, I love to wear them as my daily style. So comfortable and I make me feel move freely. hahaha! :D

I was wearing : Tribal Mini Dress by Missisipi Boutique - DIY faded denim jacket - UNBRANDED Black Stocking - TRASH for PAYLESS Black Wedges - SOPHIE MARTIN Black Mini Bag - CASIO Silver Watch - UNBRANDED MIXED Bracelets - UNBRANDED Owl Necklace form Malioboro, Yogyakarta. - Beige CONVERSE ALL STAR - UNBRANDED Blue Jegging.