Tuesday, December 10, 2013


due to my busy busy schedule, then on weekdays, Monday to Friday, it is almost impossible for me to do a photo shoot and post to this blog.
on this occasion, at the time I could steal time on the exhausting body and soul, I will post some of  me and my family vacation photographs on August 2013 at White Sand Beach, Trenggalek, East Java.
Personally, I love to spend my holiday at the beach, esp. the white sand and clear blue water . There are so many wonderful feelings when you trample your feet on the soft sand. Feel the sands texture trough your skin and feel the water that touch your skin. What an amazing feeling! I can't stop loving the beach. : )
Hope you enjoy it!
Have a great day ...

at White Sand Beach, Trenggalek, East Java. I dont know why, but I love to cut my jeans, make it short and also, at this photo, I cut my oversize T-Shirt.
it is a beautiful beach, followed with good infrastructures and pretty good facilities that support the beauty of the beach.

It was my little brother's idea to do this photoshoot pose. hahahaha

OK. Now look at my thighs! they're look big ! hahahaa :D
My family love nature, the adventures and the beach of course!

with my two dearest brother. I am the oldest, Krishna and Christian(the youngest).

It is a beautiful beach, isn't it?

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