Sunday, December 1, 2013


Helloooo Saturday... the last day of November!!!!

Bad things that happened this week :
- The first Monday of my working day- after 5 days off work due to the typhoid fever.
- Pending new credit application and reviews from a month ago which was already feels like forever ; already waiting at my office desk .
- Approaching the due date of debtor interest billing !
- Only had one day opportunity for doing this blog post ! :(

Fabulous things that happened this week :
- Payday ! the most beautiful day of the month!
- Send a new bigger and higher Christmas tree  (mommy's ordered) because, somehow, the price in Java is more expensive. The difference is 1 million ,man! okay, forget about the price tag. I feel like the Christmas and the Holiday is very near. Heart it!
- Shopping, shopping, shopping. YUPP . Time to spend ( a little ) money from my hard working for a month, is that right ???
- Watched The hunger games : Catching Fire with my boyfriend.
- Eat a lot of delicious foods! ( after payday, right? ) 
- I'd been waiting for this ... took a great photo shoot for my favorite blog! Yup! The photographs for a new post. Just for U , dear readers !
- My pasion into the fashion world finally channeled.. and it was like flying into heaven ...! It is a moment of relief for me. :)

Since it rains every day here in Manado, so I was a bit hesitant and anxious if I failed to post up on this blog because I can't do the outdoor photo-shooting .
Finally... after the free-Saturday arrived, I prayed to God silently from morning to afternoon- that the rain will not ruin my plans. 
Okay. One bad thing happened again. The thing that I worry about, actually happen . 1 pm , rain fell and I don't know when the rain will stop. Because my boyfriend had to go to the office , therefore I must immediately carry out the shooting . 
Again..... The photo shoot this time held in the backyard of my boyfriend's house.
 Voila ! Because of my creative boyfriend and the backyard is full of mystery ( not in the way of "scary" ) . It's just that it is less maintained backyard, so you will find moss, ferns , and wild grass in that place.
 But, who cares?? If plan A doesn't work, use the plan B. ; )

Here we go... Let the adventure begins..

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” 
― Yves Saint-Laurent

"Who said that I can't wear my Converse with my DRESS??. Well baby, that's just ME!" - Demi Lovato

I was wearing : unbranded flower dress - unbranded chocolate belt - rounded colorful bracelet I bought in Yogyakarta - gold necklace I bought at Strawberry Store - Beige Converse_ All Star sneakers - DIY Light denim jacket ( I forgot where I got it, but actually I fade the color to create a dull, old and lighter color)- Revlon nail polish - 908_Red Hot Tamale. AWESOME!

see you in Desember - on the next post! 


sabrina lasama said...

Haaaahhhh....ini keren,.!!ternyata ini dibelakang rumahnya rian tooo?.. hahahah

maria christy said...

xie xie nin... hahaha.. ini pertanda klo udah niat bgt ngepost nya nin.. cemunguuth!!