Saturday, December 28, 2013


This is the day before I leave my hometown, Mojokerto, East Java. I feel sad to leave my family here. But I can do anything to stay here for longer. I have job to do in Manado. 
We can't do anything to skip the time too, right?
Like this dress, I bought on "Istana Cabo" , a place where you will find many second clothes. This blue navy polka dot retro dress was a treasure I found there. It is old..but I think it has it own has its past. We have our own past too..and we can do anything to change our past. All we can do is make today to be better than the old in the end we can create a better story for our life. 
Let's create memory. AWESOME and MEMORABLE memories!!

I was wearing : Blue Navy Polka Dot SECOND DRESS | CHARLES & KEITH Black Pump Shoes | SOPHIE MARTIN Bag


The Christmas 2013 Family Photo-Shoot!!

Like all of you guys out there, moments that I liked and looked forward from Christmas is a time when I can gather with my brother and family. And of course, the family photo shoot is my favorite moment. Every year my family always have a dress code for the photo shoot. When the time is coming, we'll take pictures with the variety of styles, from formal style to the crazy freestyle : D

I hope you have a great Christmas day too..