Sunday, December 1, 2013


The last month in 2013 is indeed the best months I've been waiting for the whole year.
The best things about December ( my version ) :
1. Christmas Day - HOLIDAYS! - Christmas tree and its decorations
- Christmas cake filled with super delicious fat (Yummmyy) -
Thematic family photo shoot ( this year is RED - BATIK ) and gift exchange event.
2. Christmas means I will soon meet my family for the holidays and spend quality time together with the most dearest people in the world.
3. Holiday's allowance. Yup!!  I will receive this allowance just in this month. Once in a year. Yippieee!!
4. Preparation of the New Year. Who doesn't like the crowds and the enthusiasm of all the people (who may be a bit exaggerated) in preparing a historic day before the turn of the year?? The fireworks, the count down...

To begin this lovely month, I'll present you my simple photographs that (again) took place at the backyards of my boyfriend's house. Guess what? It was rainy Sunday, here in Manado.
Last but not least. In this rainy plus holiday season I think is a perfect time for me as a Catholic to once again, reflect on what I have to prepare to welcome the birth of Jesus Christ, savior of the world.. Well, you have to know maybe I am not the most faithful woman in the world . But I have faith that makes me able to survive every day in this cruel and challenging world .
Let's prepare our self for this season!
Here we come, DECEMBER!! 

I got confused, which one is better, wear a black belt or not? Or maybe I should buy another belt to mix and match it with my clothes. ;p

"Living life without God is like walking in the rain with a closed umbrella. 
You probably will get through it, but you could be sick" - unknown quotes (updated by me) 

I was wearing : cute unbranded pink mini dress - unbranded black stocking - unbranded black belt - TRASH  for PAYLESS black wedges - brown diamond cardigan from my mom - pink umbrella from the local market.

OKAY.. Now I'm officially in love with Desember. What about you?

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