Saturday, December 7, 2013


OK, I think it's not wrong to proclaim myself as a weekly blogger. How not? in a week, it is hard to steal even a "little time" to write a post due to my job. YUP. I'm a banker. FOR NOW.. : (
It seems that I have to send a lot of prayer, that I soon become a daily blogger. AMEN! ; D

Let's get started! 
Have you ever think that sometimes you just want to TRY to wear something that you NEVER thought you'll wear it? Like you really want to try to wear it, but suddenly the BIG question popped right away " Will it fitted me?", Will I fill uncomfortable on that?" or "Will I looks like someone else, NOT me at all?", and so on.. So many bad thoughts fly in your head before you decided to wear some outfits.

Before I decided to wear this outfits, I thought... "Will the floral cardigan fit the black tank top ?" But after I put it on my body, and looked at the mirror, I thought ..."Woow.. I can mix the girly cardigan with the punk tank top without a guilty pleasure!" 

Then I decided to add my favorite DIY ripped jeans on my outfit. With my only one black high heels(wedges) *OK, I just have one black wedges for now. Hope I have another one SOON, so you wont see me on this black wedges for a long..long.. time. get bored and sleepy becoz of it. Hahaha! 
But for now, I think I just have to mix and match all the outfit, footwear and accessories I have, without complaining. 

Have some guts to express your PERSONAL STYLE! as long as you feel comfortable with that, don't waste your time wondering what people say about your style. YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR! Life your life by knowing who you are! Have FUN!

Have a great day!

I was wearing : MACBETH black tank top - I DRESS flower cardigan - DIY LOGO ripped jeans - TRASH for payless black wedges - Angels gold watches - BLACK & ORANGE & brown SKULL bracelets from Maliobro, YOGYAKARTA - Orange belt by STRAWBERRY STORE - black bag by AVENUE STORE.

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