Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vacation in Linouw Lake - Tomohon!

Well hellooooww dear readers...( I believe I have some, right?) 
It's been a long sickness I've been through these days..... The typhoid fever is killing me.. I have been bed resting for almost 2 weeks...including 3 (THREE) days hospitalized.
And now..I think I'm in a pretty good condition.. but do u want to know the craziest truth? SOME (just some)times..I feel glad that I'm sick... so I don' t have to go to the office!!! (OOPPSS...Sorry bos!) : D this time..during my recovery, I'll post some of the best photographs from the last holiday in Linouw Lake, maybe about a month ago at Tomohon, a cold place you can find in Minahasa Utara, Sulawesi Utara. Linouw Lake is famous because of the beautiful shades of the lake water color.

Hope u enjoy dear readers..

I was WEARING an UNbranded flowery peach colored blouse, an owl vintage necklace and green-yellow bracelet I bought in Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta on my last vacation in September, a light blue denim I borrowed from my boyfriend's sister Angelina Mandey and a pair of brown cute shoes from fleuretto.

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