Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lose myself..

I have not been doing this blog post in like, FOREVER..
Since this life-rushing blocked my whole time, the office drama, the relationship drama and what ever life drama I've been trough, you can't imagine how I feel (or maybe you can).
It's like I have no time for myself, like I don't know myself again. Who I used to be.
I was a girl who never stopped watching live music and hanging out with her ​​best friend, drinking coffee latte while watching the live music and just sit. watching, laughing and then go home..
It was the happiest moment of my life.
Nowadays, with this crazy work and office things, I feel like I gave all my precious time for work. Do you feel the same? feels familiar?
Well, I hate to say this, but I hate my life now. I feel empty and boring. : (
I REALLY hope I'm not at this heartbreaking situation in a long term. Just a day. Promise me please.. I will be better and healed soon..

Somebody help me!! LIFE SOS!!!


sabrina lasama said...

i just feel the same, dear..

i used to be an active girl with so many wonderful activity. Himpunan mahasiswa, komunitas bahasa, window shopping karena terlalu kere untuk belanja, bahkan untuk sekedar makan pisang goreng sama ubi goreng bersama teman teman. it's so long...long time ago, tyty...

now, we have to rounded by cold, harm,scary building named office.. hahahha....

tp sabar saja,, bukankah ada pelangi di setiap akhir badai?#klise

maria christy said...

The questions are..

1. When will the storm stopped?
2. How to survive in the storm?


well ninaa.. lets dance with our problem.. ;p