Monday, December 16, 2013


Welcoming 2013's CHRISTMAS!

For me, this is the best season of the year.
The time when I will meet my lovely family at home, arrange the Christmas tree, baking cakes with my mom and clean the house with the whole family's member.
My Christmas shopping this time it is practically fantastic-bombastic.
It could be said that I bought all the piercings that I think is cute, but still affordable. 
One time, when I walk in Ace Hardware, Manado Town Square, my choice falls to the shaped wooden horse toy Christmas tree ornament and also rudolph the red nose reindeer glasses. I think they looks so cute and unique. The other ornaments I bought is at a Christian bookstore Imannuel. Starting from red and white ribbons, socks and candy shaped- Christmas ornaments  up to two Christmas themed pillowcases. : D

After buying all this ornaments, I became increasingly impatient to come back home to Mojokerto, put a whole new Christmas tree ornaments on our new Christmas tree.. 

Lastly, the theme of family photos at Christmas 2013 is a red batik.
Okay. Red batik search has begun. One day, I was hanging around in the IT Center Manado, and suddenly seeing visions of a cute red mini dress this. The dress is actually not a pure-batik, but it has a motif that resembles batik.  Agree?

To complete the looks, I chose the golden flat shoes from The Little Thing She Needs. : )

I can't wait to wear them on the Christmas day on December 2013! I think it will be so cute..
(The Christmas tree also) ; )


sabrina lasama said...

Heyyy,,tyty ternyata kamu membeli all of those stuff tanpa sepengetahuan saya sebagai financial advisor kamu..setelah membelanjakan separuh ongkos cuti,apa lagi yg kamu beli tanpa sepengetahuan saya???hah?hah? Hahahahahhaha:D

Okee,,selamat cuti dan bersenang2 di hari natal...jangan lupa balik kantor bawa kueee..xixixixixi

maria christy said...

hahahaha!! jadi km freelance jadi financial advisor sy yaaa?? ;D
ini kan bukan semata-mata fashion stuff, dear.. #pembenaran.
Wokaay..kue sih ngga bakalan sebanyak punyamu dirumah, nin.. ;p